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We Give Catholic: November 29, 2022

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

GIVE CATHOLIC ON GIVING TUESDAY: NOV. 29, 2022 | 12am-11:59pm

Let’s make St. James an even safer and more secure Parish home! This year our #weGiveCatholic proceeds will be used for enhancements to our current security

system. Additional exterior security cameras at all entrances of the church and courtyard, as well as cameras inside the church and hall will be installed. This will require additional electrical work and Wi-Fi enhancement. Your continued support will go a long way to preserve and protect our beautiful landmark worship space and grounds.

It’s so important for our parish family to pull together for this #weGiveCatholic campaign. Would you or your company consider offering a small matching gift? To find out more please contact Mary Westmeyer. 

TO MAKE YOUR GIFT on November 29 press the DONATE ON NOV. 29 button at this site. You can also visit our Giving Page here:

If you prefer to make an offline donation by check instead, please contact Mary at for instructions. Offline donations must be received at the Parish Office by Monday, Nov. 28, noon.)


Two generous sponsors have offered matching grants for this campaign, so your gift can have twice the impact!


In previous years, we have earned $1k – 1.5k in prize money from the Catholic Community Foundation for the 2 nd and 3rd most number of unique donations from a Small Parish. Can you help us take 1st this year? Consider donating separately among your family members with separate email addresses, rather than making one group gift.

ON GIVING TUESDAY, follow the leaderboard at throughout the day to see St. James progressing towards our goal! Follow us on Facebook and stay tuned for periodic updates before and throughout the day:

THANK YOU for your generosity! Questions? Contact: Mary Westmeyer,

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