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40 Days for Life | March 1 - April 9

Baby Feet

40 Days for Life From March 1 – April 9, please join Christians from more than 675 cities in 40 nations in 40 days of prayer and fasting, during this Lent, for an end to abortion. Since the end of the 2016 fall 40 Days for Life campaign last November, we know of 872 babies’ lives that were saved and 8 abortion workers left the abortion industry due to prayerful witness at abortion sites in those 675 cities around the world. You’re invited to stand and peacefully pray at any time with other parishioners in the public right-of-way outside one of the Cleveland sites during this upcoming campaign. If you would like a ride and/or more information, call Judy at (216) 671-4981. Leave a message if there is no answer and your call will be returned. ALL LIVES MATTER… INCLUDING CHILDREN IN THE WOMB!

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