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World Class Shroud of Turin Exhibit Coming to Cleveland

Ever wondered what happen to the burial cloth of Jesus? This question so hounded lecturer David Onysko that he has devoted a lifetime to investigating. The Shroud of Turin is believed by many to be this very cloth as it shows an image of a flogged and crucified Jewish man in his 30s from ancient times.

"The mysterious fascination of the Shroud forces questions to be raised about the sacred Linen and the historical life of Jesus."

Lecturer David Onysko, who has extensively studied the Shroud, will raise those questions during his traveling Man of the Shroud exhibit March 7-9 at St. Ignatius Breen Center in Cleveland and March 14-16 at Grace Church in Middleburg Heights.

It's free to tour the exhibit, but there is a fee to hear his presentation (410). The presentations will be on the final days of each exhibit, beginning at 7 p.m.

The dates are March 9 at the Cleveland location and March 16 at Grace Church.

Ticket proceeds will go to Cleveland Right to Life, Voice of the Martyrs and others. Tickets will be available at both venues.

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