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#NoHomeworkWednesday gives students a chance to focus on family time

“My dog ate it” is the old-fashioned reply when a student forgets to do their homework, but students at St. Thomas More School in Brooklyn have a lot more than the family pet to thank for no homework.

During the beginning of the academic year, the school introduced “No Homework Wednesdays.” The concept gives student (and parents) the ability to focus on family time for at least one night of the week. Family schedules are often full of extracurricular activities, sports, homework and other weekly obligations.

“Many parents are singing the praises of this policy, which removes the nightly nagging of ‘have you done your homework?’ It frees up time where parents can genuinely connect with their child whether over dinner, or playing in the backyard without the stress of impending schoolwork,” says St. Thomas More principal Jennifer Francis.

The school encouraged families to follow their Twitter, Instagram and Facbook acounts; tag them and use the hashtag #NoHomeworkWednesday. From a night at the Strongsville toboggan chutes, a family meal at a local restaurant or just a quiet a night at home playing a board game, families at St. Thomas More are focusing on their time together -- one Wednesday at a time.

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