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Light for Love Returns to St. James on June 26

On the fourth Wednesday of the month (June 26; July 24, August 28, and September 25), from 7-8p, the doors of St. James will be wide open. Both parishioners and passerby will be invited into the church to light a candle for someone they love, and to set it before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.  Come experience beauty, silence, peace, and prayer in the midst of the radiant, candlelit church.

Volunteers are needed as Inviters (on the street, inviting people in); Greeters (at the door, welcoming and answering questions), and Intercessors (praying in the church for the event and those invited in). Sign up to attend and/or volunteer below:

Encounter God’s love firsthand and share it with others.  Questions? Contact Lina Simms at or 216.650.8262.

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