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Catholic High School students accept video challenge from Archbishop-elect Perez during Catholic Sch

During Catholic Schools Week, high school students in the Diocese of Cleveland took to social media to showcase what makes the Catholic faith and Catholic schools the best place to be.

This fall during a visit to Holy Name High School, Archbishop-elect Nelson Perez chatted with students and asked them to think about who encouraged them to enroll at Holy Name. As the students thought back to their eighth-grade year, many of them responded that someone from their community inspired them to become a “Namer.”

This discussion led the archbishop-elect to challenge all Catholic high school students to share their stories by demonstrating how “God is good, all the time” in their communities.

“This academic year marks another chance to celebrate all that makes our Catholic schools amazing – including our faith-filled values,” said Archbishop-elect Perez.

High schools launched their student produced videos during Catholic Schools Week, when many prospective students and parents are considering enrollment options for the upcoming year.

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